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Referencias- diego b- PRI

Hola a todos me encontre con esta imagen, del trabajo de Thomas Demand, sobre el “yellowcake” o la supuesta compra de uranio por Saddam Hussain, dato que desencadeno desspues la fabricacion de la CIA y los servicios de intelegancia britanicos para justificar la guerra en Irak.

En todo esto fue clave la embajada de Nigeria en Roma.

Me interesa la problemtica de acceso al lugar, que Demand resuelve muy bien.

Y el si es relevante o no, documentar el lugar real, o recrear el lugar.

Todo esto pensando en la imagen del pase de charola priista.

Bueno lo dejo aqui.

Lo saque de un articulo reciente de Frieze de Anne Wehr.

"yellowcake" series

Thomas Demand. De la serie "yellowcake"

In the autumn of 2001, just after 9/11, an Italian reporter delivered a sheaf of papers to the Embassy of the Republic of Niger in Rome and to the CIA and other Western intelligence organizations purporting – erroneously, as it turned out – to document Saddam Hussein’s attempt to purchase a concentrated form of uranium called ‘yellowcake’ from Africa. Among the papers were a few letters between high-level officials in Niger and Iraq, printed on letterhead from the Niger Embassy. These became the cornerstone of the Bush administration’s case for its invasion of Iraq, despite the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency and others rapidly came to the conclusion that the letters were abysmal counterfeits. Some, from October 2000, were even signed by a Foreign Minister of Niger who hadn’t held that office since 1989. And the letterhead was out of date.

“Demand quietly worked a backstairs contact to gain legitimate entry into the embassy – a flat in a nondescript apartment building located near the Vatican – where he snapped a few surreptitious mobile phone pictures when no one was looking and committed the rest of the interiors to memory.”




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